Full Spectrum

by J. Whitman

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3rd official record release by J. Whitman; 14 original tracks inspired by the TRON: Legacy soundtrack (composed by Daft Punk), outer space travel, and science fiction


released September 20, 2011

Produced & released by Jeremiah Whitman Services (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


J. Whitman Los Angeles, California

J. Whitman's career in the entertainment industry spans over several years in his native home of Los Angeles, California. His credits include numerous stage productions, multiple self-produced records, and several volunteer work experiences.

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Track Name: Inside Your Head (feat. Shmoe)
I just want to know what makes you tick
Let me inside so I can feel it
The breath you release is what I need
Tell me all of your hopes and dreams

Let me, let me, let me
Let me get inside your head

I can't tell you why
But I know it's just fate
The reason I live
Is to feel your heart race

I just want to know who you are
Release it all so I can believe
Let it all out, you can trust me
Deep inside of you is where I want to be

Tell me, is it worth it?
I want to know
I can tell you're excited
Just feeling you lose all control
Track Name: Alternate Reality
Nothing here is what it seems
Twisted shapes in fuzzy scenes
I'm confused by what I see
What's this all supposed to be

This alternate reality
You've made for you and for me
Your creation dimly seen
Can't fill the spaces in between
Track Name: World On Fire
I’ve always wondered how we got this far
From sticks and stones to buildings and cars
Took so much time and it must have been hard
But progress is prone to flaws

The world is on fire
And it’s burning out of control
The flames getting higher
And we’re selling our souls
The more we want, the more we need
Can’t ever seem to be complete
The world is on fire
And it’s burning out of control

I’ve always wondered how we got it all wrong
All these machines replacing us all
Maybe someday and it won’t be long
Might be an android singing this song
Track Name: Disconnected
Disconnected from this world
Disconnected from this life
Disconnected by my fear
Disconnected by the strife

Discontented with this world
Discontented with this life
Discontented, roll the dice
Take a chance to make this right

Disconnected by the pain
Discontented on this plane
Find a way to take control
Just disconnect it, let it go
Track Name: Full Spectrum
Information I must relate
Guaranteed to agitate
Words of wisdom always told
But on deaf ears, they seldom hold

Think for yourself, control your fate
Put the masses in their place
Become better than what you are
Spread the word, it’s not so hard

And now you see
The full spectrum revealed
The whole of what’s been concealed